The following is a list of some of the jobs that we have performed in the past as well as our Client List.

Grocery store - Removal and Installation of new grocery freezer/cooler box and concrete slab.
   Customer: Kroger, Publix, Save-A-Lot 

Concrete Parking Lots - Demoed existing concrete parking lot, graded and excavated. Placed and finished new concrete.
   Customer: Pro Health (40,000 sq. ft.), Atlanta Bonded 

Industrial Warehouses - IMP cooler Panel installation
   Customer: Pro Health, Isonova, Golden State Foods 

Graded, formed, placed and finished 4500 sq. ft. concrete slab for RTO tank.
   Customer: Isonova

Demolition and additions - demo of existing building, installed new break room and women's bathroom building addition.        
   Customer: Isonova 

Bollards / Goal posts / Guardrail installation.
   Customer: Pro Health, Kroger, Atlanta Bonded

Dock Leveler installation and pit boxes.
   Customer: Pro Health, Kroger 

Trench Drains (plumbing/electrical) - Excavated concrete for trench drains throughout warehouses and grocery stores. Placed and finished concrete in trench drains.
   Customer: Kroger, Complete Electric, Hamby Plumbing 

Concrete Compressor house and refrigeration slabs.
   Customer: Walmart  

  • Atlanta Bonded

  • Publix

  • Walmart

  • Save-A-Lot

  • Costco

Burge Construction
  • Isonova

  • Golden State Foods

  • Kroger

  • Ready Pac

  • Pro Health