Commercial Concrete Services in Social Circle, GA

The foundation of most construction projects — both literally and figuratively — is concrete. Concrete is used to create roads, sidewalks, and bases for large buildings. It can be used in anything from simple paving to complex architecture. Due to its importance, you should make sure you work only with the most experienced contractors. For commercial concrete services, come to Burge Construction today.

Build on a Strong Foundation

Just as a strong structure is built on a strong foundation, our years of experience and long list of past projects have given us the skills needed to serve our customers with the quality they desire for their projects. We have years of experience serving Social Circle, GA, and the surrounding areas, and we’ve come to be known as a trustworthy concrete company. Some of our past projects include:

  • Creating a new freezer room for a grocery store, including a new concrete slab
  • Demolishing and adding several rooms onto an existing building
  • Grading, forming, placing, and finishing a 4500 sq. ft. concrete slab for an RTO tank

We’ve worked with a wide range of clients, ranging from smaller local companies to massive corporations like Walmart. Our reputation speaks for itself.

Work With Customer-Oriented Builders

Here at Burge Construction, our focus on quality construction is matched only by our commitment to providing quality service to our customers. We aim to be reliable, able to complete any project you have. We know you’ll be satisfied with our work, as our attention to detail and commitment to workmanship is sure to give you the final result you need.

Are you in need of commercial concrete contractors in Georgia? Look no further than Burge Construction. We’ll bring your construction project to life, and we know you’ll be happy with our work. Call us today at 404-516-5646 to learn more.

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